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Contact Lenses can be as Unique as You Are

Mar 25, 2021 | Blog Article, Contacts

Just as there is no “one size fits all,” for everything you buy, it’s also true for our eyes.  They are unique, and no two people’s set of eyes is the same. Since this is true, contact lenses have to be designed for your particular eyes. 

It’s good to know that specialized lenses are available so that they can be adjusted to irregular eye shapes and conditions and prescriptions that require particular attention. At the office of Vision Salon Eye Care Associates our experienced team of professionals use advanced diagnostic tools in order to find exactly the right contact lenses for you.  Talking over your options, we can decide the most comfortable lenses based upon your particular conditions.

Why standard contacts are not always right for you

  • If the cornea becomes thin and bulges out in a cone shape.
  • If you have dry eyes, or burning and irritated eyes
  • If you have astigmatism, meaning blurry vision due to an irregular cornea.
  • Corneal scarring or post-corneal transplant
  • If you have had post-Lasik procedures

Even if you have hard-to-fit eyes, contacts come in a vast range of types to ensure you have the lenses that are most comfortable for you. At the office of Vision Salon Eye Care Associates, our team’s years of professional experience makes us highly qualified to prescribe the best contact lenses for your particular eyes.  Even if you have had not success before in finding the right lenses, or have been told that your vision cannot be corrected, we ask that you visit our office so that we can do a comprehensive eye exam and fitting. Call today for more information.